South x Southeast photomagazine (currently unavailable)

The Southern Photographer

Blues Magazine

Memphis, berceau du Blues (Blues Magazine n°56, March 2010)

L’extraordinaire histoire de STAX (Blues Magazine n°57, June 2010)

Tupelo-Memphis, les premiers pas du King (Blues Magazine n°58, March 2011)

Gibson Factory/ MS Nickki (Blues Magazine n°63, January-February-March 2012)

Le Mississippi Blues Trail, chapitre 1 (Blues Magazine n°64, March 2012)

Le Mississippi Blues Trail, chapitre 2 ( Blues Magazine n°65, June 2012)

Le Mississippi Blues Trail, chapitre 3 (Blues Magazine n°66, September 2012)

Saint Blues Guitar, Made in Memphis (Blues Magazine n°72, April-May-June 2014)

Barbara Hendricks (Blues Magazine n°81, July-August-September 2016)

Sharon McConnell-Dickerson (Blues Magazine n°85, July-August-September 2017)

Bette Smith (Blues Magazine n°91, January-February-March 2019)

Bobby Rush (Blues Magazine n°94, October-November-December 2019)

Mississippi Stories Chapter 1, William Ferris (Blues Magazine n°98 September 2020)

Guest Talks

Like A Song Mississippi Blues, Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland October 2012

The Magnetic Power of The Delta For French Blues Lovers, the University of Memphis for the Delta Everything Southern Conference, June 2013

Deep In My Heart, Maryland, Memphis English-Speaking Union, June 2013


See With Your Heart, B.B.King Museum, Indianola Mississippi, with the Summer Camp children, June 2013

Recording and producing artists with the label Boogie B Records

Pat Thomas (October 2017)

A tribute to Leo Bud Welch, in July 2018 at the Cahors Blues Festival, France

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