Béatrice Chauvin
Béatrice Chauvin


All along my many trips to Mississippi and to the Delta, I have constantly followed an unbroken thread, leading me to the Blues and its vibrations. Since the very beginning, I have had the feeling of a parrallel vision, stirring my heart with deep emotions. The stories hanging on trees, nested in landscapes, floating on rivers, printed on bare walls or expressed in Blues voices, would give birth to the sensation of a shifting time. Miles after miles, layers after layers, Mississippi opened different faces to me, unwrapping its secrets, embedded in lights and shadows. In this work, one sole word binds two photographs, creating at each time an intimate travel belonging to that unbroken thread. 

As a photographic installation UNBROKEN will be shown at the B.B.KING MUSEUM, Indianola, Mississippi, October 3-18/2015.

I met Lil' Jim while I was strolling around, taking pictures on the street in Indianola, Mississippi. From far away I could see this little boy waving at me, silently. I looked back, thinking there was someone behind me. No---- All at once the perception of what surrounded me started modulating: like in a dream, time was swirling up and standing still in the same breath. Lil' Jim took my hand and we walked to his house. He introduced me to his family with no words. I spoke with his father and mother preparing food, his grandma holding a baby girl on her lap, his big brother wishing to become a famous rapper. I was moved --- the Blues were floating everywhere.
I remember Lil' Jim watching me intensely with his eyes reflecting his dreams.

This work is for Lil' Jim and all the kids living in Mississippi.


All along my many trips to Memphis, to Mississippi and to the Delta, I gathered a harvest of beautiful friendships that helped me to carry on my search, that is to say to come even closer to the Blues and its reality, its beauty, its essence. Thanks to Ms Nickki, Lucy, Bob, Neffie, Florence, David and Heather, Tim, Kirk and Ruby, Danuel, Sledge and Denise, Tad, Regena, Alissa, Mary, Pat, James, David and Margaret, Dion, Robert, Trish, Anna, Misti Rae, Denise and Larry, Annette and Mike, Alan, Luther, Bill, Willy, Bryan, I came back tirelessly, supported by their affection and trust. Thanks to my friends, each time, I stepped forward to the bright, lively, huge, emotionnal vibration of the Blues.